Manufacturing Equipment

Hello everybody! This is the fitness facilities manufacturing workshop. To ensure product quality, several sets of high-precision processing equipment are utilized, which can complete the independent production of main components, to satisfy customers’ requirements for quality.
All welding works are completed via robotic welding, with professional quality inspection personnel staffed to provide stringent control, this ensures the high quality of Century Star ’s products.
Concurrently, an electrostatic powder coating line has been introduced for the surface treatment of products. This line attains the production goal to not fade for ten years.
After the completion of assembly, our quality inspectors will test the finished products again. The qualified products are to be packed by personnel in the end product warehouse, and then sent all over the world.
Our grandstand series products choose high quality polyethylene as the raw material and are then manufactured by a blow molding process. At present, the two sets of large blow molding equipment operating within our workshop produce 500 to 1000 products per day.
In our manufacturing workshop for sports flooring series products, we only use clean energy for production, and the centralized materials storage and management can both reduce the turnover rate and improve the safety and quality of product storage.